Whether it is possible to reproach a breast a rebnka during pregnancy?

Whether it is possible to reproach a breast a rebnka during pregnancy?
This question excites very many women of the having kids who are on breastfeeding. In case of new pregnancy they very much worry that it is necessary to give up breastfeeding of the kid. Whether so it, or is possible to combine pregnancy with breastfeeding?

All gynecologists advise that between pregnancies has to pass term in two years. For this period the organism of mother is completely restored and is ready to new pregnancy. But happens so that new pregnancy comes earlier and the woman by all means, wants it to keep. How to be?

It is very important to remember that the kid needs maternal milk at least to six-months age therefore if there came new pregnancy and the woman perfectly feels on all indicators, it can continue breastfeeding till 20th week of pregnancy. Why to this term? Because a little bit later oxytocin which is developed in the woman's organism when breastfeeding can do much harm to incubation of a fruit since the uterus under the influence of oxytocin is reduced. As a rule, special sensitivity of a uterus to oxytocin comes in 28 weeks of new pregnancy, but gynecologists after all advise not to risk and finish GV on the 20th week.

If your kid already rather adult, but still receives maternal milk, try to separate it from a breast till the birth of other kid. Otherwise the infringement of the rights for a mother's breast that will negatively be reflected on nervous system of the senior kid will also be added to children's jealousy.