How to treat the burst heels

How to treat the burst heels

It is necessary to choose a way of treatment of cracks on heels, considering the reason of their emergence. If it is a fungal infection, not to do without medical preparations, in case of drying of skin because of long walking it is possible to use methods of traditional medicine.

It is required to you

- pumice;
- fat cream;
- baking soda;
- potato cleanings;
- linen seed;
- onions peel;
- plantain leaves;
- vegetable oil;
- honey;
- flour;
- aloe leaves;
- peach oil;
- children's cream;
- fir balm.

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Descend to the dermatologist, be examined. If cracks on heels appeared thanks to a fungal infection, receive medical treatment, appointed the doctor.


In case of absence of a fungal infection take advice twice a week to do hot trays for feet, and after a rasparivaniye process problem places pumice and grease feet with fat cream.


Coarseness and crack on heels it is possible to clean by means of soda trays. Do them for the night. Twice a week do a mask which part the linen seed and a potato peel is. Carefully wash up potato cleanings, mix them with a linen seed, fill in with water and cook before formation of gruel. Lower feet in the received weight and hold them about 20 minutes there, wash away gruel from feet and grease heels with foot cream.


Here one more recipe of disposal of cracks on heels. Boil an onions peel, mix it with the crushed plantain leaves in a proportion 1:1. Add a small spoon of vegetable oil, the same amount of honey and a flour there, weight has to turn out dense. Try to knead onions dough. Apply the turned-out flat cake for the night to heels, having recorded bandage and an adhesive plaster. On the eve of procedure it is necessary to steam out feet. After several similar manipulations, heels will gain tenderness and softness, and it will be possible to forget about cracks.


Prepare medical ointment as follows: take leaves of an aloe and pass them via the meat grinder. In the received gruel it is necessary to add peach oil or children's cream to proportions 1:9. Apply mix to cracks, tie from above a gauze or bandage and leave for some hours. It is possible to use mix of the fresh crushed leaves of a yarrow and a plantain in the summer, also leaves of a calendula medicinal will approach.


Fir balm will help to cure the cracked heels, they should fill cracks on heels, and from above to impose a gauze.