How to steam the earth

How to steam the earth

Steaming of the earth helps plants not to ache as a result of infection with the bacteria which are in soil. Also this way helps to prevent emergence of a mold which can ruin completely young landings and protects from larvae of a mushroom komarik. But the earth it is necessary to soar, but not to fry as some gardeners think. In the fried thoroughly earth all not only harmful, but also useful microflora which is extremely necessary for plants for development perishes.

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For steaming of the earth for landing of seedling or change of flowers in pots it is necessary to create effect of a double boiler. It is possible even to use the real double boiler.


To place soil in a gauze or a bag from a canvas or flax. In a double boiler to pour waters, from above to place a bag with the earth, to close a cover and to steam not less than three-four hours constantly adding water of a double boiler down.


If the double boiler is not present, make its imitation. Take any capacity convenient to you, down establish a support such height that it was possible to pour water, on it establish a bag with the soil, close a cover and boil 3-4 hours. It does not make sense to boil smaller amount of time.


Only after you steamed the earth it is necessary to bring nutritious and mineral additives in soil.


But all these methods are good only for landing of seedling or change of flowers as by such method a lot of earth cannot be steamed. Therefore for change of plants to the greenhouse or a hotbed the earth is steamed in a different way.


Some days before planting of plants spill the earth in a hotbed or the greenhouse the boiling water. It allows not only to remove all unnecessary microorganisms, but also in addition warms up the soil before landing of plants.


Never fry thoroughly the earth. First, this process very labor-consuming can also go an unpleasant smell at strong heating, secondly, as was already written above, this method kills all bacteria not only useful, but also harmful.