How to repair a snowmobile

How to repair a snowmobile

The constructive device of snowmobiles reminds the device of similar knots and details of motorcycles, scooters, ATVs. Therefore as well as other motor-equipment, snowmobiles give in to repair by own efforts. The main thing – knowledge of technical part, is a little sharpnesses and good tool.

It is required to you

- set of tools;
- spare parts;
- expendables;
- set of repair of facings

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If the engine is not started, but the starter twists it, first of all check fuel level in a tank. Then be convinced of integrity and tightness of a fuel hose. If necessary remove it and blow compressed air for elimination of zasor. If it does not help, turn out spark plugs. If their two, previously mark them. Remove from them high-voltage wires, and then a key turn out them from the candle channel. Clear candles of a deposit a metal brush. If they damp, wipe them dry. Be convinced that the gap meets standard.

If the previous checks did not help, check an inhaling of a head of the block of cylinders. The stirred-up nuts can lead to loss of extent of compression. Examine laying of a head of the block and replace it if it wore out or it is damaged. For check of degree of a battery charging turn on the light. If he burns low or does not burn in general – the accumulator is discharged. Start the engine by means of the spare accumulator or a kik-starter.

At a constant overheat of the engine check the level of cooling liquid and add it if necessary. If the engine does not develop sufficient power during the work, warm up it up to the working temperature. If in completely heated-up state its power nevertheless is insufficient, adjust a tension of a wedge-shaped belt.

Check a tension of a belt and in a case when the engine works, and the snowmobile refuses to go. Besides, in this case examine a caterpillar and clean from it all alien subjects which got stuck in it. Examine its driving mechanism regarding existence of damages. If the engine badly switches to higher or lower transfer if the leading chain started rustling and vibrating, so the wedge-shaped belt is worn-out or damaged. Replace it.

In case of small damages of details of plastic facing of a snowmobile remove them and process the damaged sites an emery paper. Fill all dents, scratches and cuts with the pressurizing putty and apply a patch to a damage place from a reverse side of the panel of facing. Strongly record a patch an adhesive tape and cover with sealant. After full drying of sealant level a surface an emery paper, ground and paint the repaired detail.