How to check diesel nozzles

How to check diesel nozzles

Simplicity and reliability of the diesel engine allow its operation quite long time, without disturbing the owner violation of adjustments in the fuel equipment which consists from: the pumping-up pump of low pressure, the fuel pump of a high pressure and nozzles. The last components of system of injection of fuel are the weakest link in this chain. And no wonder, after all nozzles bear the greatest loading in motor operating time.

It is required to you

- electronic scanner,
- the stand for check and adjustment of the fuel equipment.

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Diesel engines of a back issue were equipped with the fuel pump of a high pressure (FPHP) at which the quantity of sections directly depended on number of cylinders in the motor. Each section TNVD provided with fuel a nozzle of the concrete cylinder.


Thanks to introduction of electronic control by system of injection, new engines (CDI) began to be equipped the motor nozzles opening of a spray in which happens at the command of the processor. Thus, at masters need for installation of a corner of an advancing of ignition disappeared, and the motor became much simpler in service.


The signs testifying to violations in a fuel supply system is emergence of a black smoke in the fulfilled gases. The increased smoke turns out to be consequence of incomplete combustion of the fuel mix given to the cylinder by a nozzle.


To delay carrying out repair after emergence of the first similar signs, by no means it is impossible. Therefore in the shortest possible time on the car it is necessary to visit car center and to pass diagnostics. During scanning the service engineer will define malfunction by means of a tester.


If failure happened in electric part the motor nozzle, its step engine changes. But when electronic components function in the normal mode and without failures, all nozzles are dismantled from the engine and are delivered to the specialist in repair of the fuel equipment who will check at the stand their mechanical part and, in case of identification of faulty sprays, will replace them.


From now on the motorist needs to make in due time replacement of fuel and air filters, and his car will manage to overcome not one hundred thousands kilometers without repair.