How to reprogram chips

How to reprogram chips

Reprogramming of a chipset of a cartridge is the most difficult part of process of refilling even on condition of existence at you the special equipment for their reinsertion.

It is required to you

- programmator;
- PonyProg2000;
- computer.

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Get a special programmator for cartridges. Find an insertion and download the special PonyProg2000 program. Take the chip from your cartridge and attentively examine its raspinovka. Connect a programmator to a chipset according to marking. Connect it to the computer. Remember port of connection - this information is required to you further at setting up the program.

Install the PonyProg2000 program downloaded by you on your computer and start it. Apply in windows of the program of the Auto I2C Bus 8bit eeprom and 24XX control, then pass to the stage Setup-Interface Setup. Here you need to expose parameters as follows: a tick on Serial, the second on COM1 or any other port through which there is a connection of a programmator.

At the left specify SL Prog API in a drop-down menu. Press Probe, after close windows by means of pressing of the OK buttons. Settings can vary in different models of programmator.

Pass to the Setup-Calibration control and start process of calibration in the appeared dialog box. Wait for the end of process. By means of the File menu open the downloaded program of an insertion. Execute altering of the serial number further not to download other program for a reinsertion of this cartridge.

For this purpose come into the Edit menu and choose action of Edit Buffer Enabled. Change value of one or several bytes by means of Edit Buffer to the discretion. Press "OK". The values which are subject to change depend on model of the stitched cartridge and the equipment used by you.

Press the pictogram of programming in the top toolbar and in the appeared dialog box press "OK". Wait for the end of rewriting then you can insert a cartridge into the printer and print out the trial page.