How to prepare rolls from an eggplant with nuts and mayonnaise?

How to prepare rolls from an eggplant with nuts and mayonnaise?
Who does not love eggplants? Probably, such people practically are also not present. Hostesses from an eggplant prepare remarkable dishes. From them fine stewed, tinned and fried dishes turn out. Very beautifully and solemnly rolls from an eggplant with a stuffing look. Will serve as such stuffing in this recipe: walnuts, greens, garlic and mayonnaise.


Eggplants, vegetable oil, walnuts, garlic, mayonnaise and greens.

Preparation course:

1. For this dish select eggplants more thickly, it is so convenient will and cut and rolls will turn out accurater.

2. Eggplants to wash out, dry and cut lengthways, approximately in centimeter with thickness.

3. To put the cut eggplants in a bowl and to prisolit, allow to be stood about two hours, during this time the bitterness has to leave eggplants.

4. After that eggplants should be fried on a frying pan.

5. Separately to clear nuts and to crush them.

6. We form rolls: to smear an eggplant on the one hand with mayonnaise, then to powder with nuts and to squeeze out a little garlic, to crumble greens and to curtail a roll.

7. To lay out all rolls on a dish and to decorate with greens.

Bon appetit!