How to destroy the file

How to destroy the file

Sometimes users of personal computers face a problem of removal of files or folders. Most often this problem can be solved by means of banal reset of system, but it is possible to meet and it is not possible with the return case when it is so simple to remove the unnecessary file.

It is required to you

Software of Unlocker.

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During removal of any file in the Windows XP operating system sometimes on the screen there is a message "The file cannot be removed as it is occupied with the appendix". So it turns out that the file can not be started by you at all, but this message will appear all the same. First of all it is necessary to check, whether really it is started? Some programs which are in the list of automatic loading of system and consequently, are loaded for work with files, can use them.


For verification of such programs it is necessary to start the system utility of control of MSConfig system. For its start press the Start-up menu, select the Execute item. In the opened window enter the msconfig team and press the OK button.


Before you there will be the main window of the program. Pass to the Automatic loading tab and check all programs which can be started at start of system. For example, programs for work with images of disks, as a rule, at start of system mount an image of a disk in the drive. Also any program which carries out start of any files can become the reason.


If such programs are in the list of automatic loading, remove a mark opposite to each such program and press the Apply button. In the appeared dialog box select the Reboot Now item. As a rule, after reset the necessary file can be removed easily and simply.


If the above way did not help you, use the help small (by the size) utilities of Unlocker. After its installation it is enough to cause a context menu of the file which does not want to be removed, having pressed the right button of a mouse on a badge, and having selected the Unlocker item (the image of a magic wand). In the opened window this utility will indicate process which blocks this file. Now it is possible to remove or the file, or to close the program which blocked it, and to repeat removal procedure.