How to do football feints

How to do football feints

Feints in soccer are beautiful movements by means of which the player can bypass the rival, without losing thus a ball. Practically any football match does not do without football feints. Observing how the well-known football players create with a ball extremely beautiful things, apparently, what to repeat all this it is unreal. Nevertheless, the secret is covered in practice. Football players after all too trained.

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To learn to do football feints, besides practice it is necessary also knowledge of the theory according to which tricks are carried out for the purpose of introduction of the rival to delusion. It is possible to carry out them the head, feet, a trunk and not only with a ball, but also without it. With a ball the deceptive movements it is more difficult because for them you will need to carry out rather difficult movements. After all it is necessary not only to keep a ball at itself, but also not to lose it in the course of performance of feints.


Most often in soccer apply the following feints:

- False pass;
- Blow to a ball aside heel;
- Turn round a ball;
- Transfer of a foot through a ball with the subsequent inclination of a trunk in one party and leaving from the opponent in other direction;
- Fast branch of a ball under itself-legged with its subsequent promotion forward.


We will give as an example rather difficult performed by, but at the same time the feint which is easily mastered at the correct approach. It becomes as follows: the ball costs on the earth, and the player outer side of foot of the right foot poddergivat a ball to the right then (so far the ball did not leave far yet) sharply sends it to the left on a foot bend. Performance of this movement will require a good extension and elasticity. Very useful feint helping to mislead the rival and to force it to lose the direction of a ball. At this time it will be easy to be bypassed.


After the theory you can safely start viewing of the training videos. At last, it is possible to go to train with friends to a gym or on a football field. As a last resort, it is possible to be trained and in the yard.