How to start the server via the console

How to start the server via the console

Start of the AMX server in the console mode allows to avoid the strengthened consumption of resources of the computer and is used by many fans of the game Counter Strike around the world.

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Cause the main menu of the Windows operating system pressing of the Start-up button for initiation of procedure of start of the server of game in the console mode and pass into the All Programs point.

Open the reference "Standard" and start the Notebook application.

Create the new document and enter value
hlds.exe - game cstrike +ip ip_adres_polzovatelya +port 27015 +map 35hp_2 +ma [players of zhelamoye_kolichestvo_igrok +rcon_password_parol_polzovatelya - noipx - nomaster +sv_lan 1 - console
in a test field of the program.

Open the File menu of the top toolbar of the appendix and specify the Keep as team.

Choose the option "All Files" and finish work of the Notebook program.

Create the copy of the document and place it in the root folder of the game start.exe server.

Execute the created file or use an alternative method of start of game in the console. For this purpose pass on the way
imya_diska:program FilesValve
also cause a context menu of the hlds.exe file a click of the right button of a mouse.

Specify the Create a Label team and cause a context menu of the created hlds.exe file label a click of the right button of a mouse.

Specify the Properties point and enter value
- game cstrike - console - insecure +maxplayers of zhelayemoye_kolichestvo_igrok of +sv_lan 1 +port of a nomer_vybrannogo_port of +map de_dust2
in the field "Object" after the description of the file.

Confirm application of the chosen changes with pressing of the OK button or even more simplify procedure of start of the game server by means of the specialized program. For this purpose load the HLDS Console application which is freely distributed in the Internet.

11 Move application files to the folder containing the used server and start the loaded program.

12 Execute a server configuration in the main application window:
- enter Counter Strike value in the field "Game";
- enter value of a name of the server in the field "Server";
- apply a tag in the field of the desirable card of start;
- specify the used server type;
- enter value of the IP address of the used server;
- choose desirable number of players;
- apply a tag in the field "Protection";
- apply a tag in the field "To start in the curtailed look" (if necessary);
- apply a tag in the field "High" in the section "Start Priority"
also start the server pressing of the Start button.