As mobile network operators will help to fight against traffic jams

As mobile network operators will help to fight against traffic jams

The authorities of the capital are going to control a traffic, tracing movement of citizens by mobile phones. It is planned that information on routes to department of transport of Moscow will be transferred by mobile operators.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "As Mobile Network Operators Will Help to Fight against Traffic Jams" Why to Kiev predict a traffic standstill How to restore the passport of the vehicle How to cause traffic police at road accident at the beginning of 2012 the foundation to creation of mathematical model of transport streams of Moscow which as it is supposed, not only will help with fight against traffic jams was laid, but also will allow to coordinate projects on laying of new routes and a construction of roads. "the big three" of mobile network operators is urged to give help in adjustment of a road traffic.

Besides tracks of mobile operators in the projected model of movement of transport in the capital information received from measurements of a flow of passengers of city transport from turnstiles, sensors of intensity of the movement, and also results of polls of the population will also be used. In total these data will give the chance to make the interactive scheme of the movement in the capital.

The designed model will become the basis for calculations of options of change of traffic, for example, at change of traffic light cycles, creation of new intersections or the organization of crosswalks and bicycle paths.

The similar model is applied to fight against traffic jams in Tokyo. Data for it are collected from tracks of mobile network operators, sensors of density of a stream and road video cameras. For elimination of suddenly arisen jam on any street the system recustomizes cycles of traffic lights automatically.

Experts now discuss, such tracking is how lawful, and whether there will be this idea to correspond to the law "About Personal Information". They consider that even if the cellular companies and will agree to the authorities to providing information on movement of the subscribers, carefully. Now the question of protection of personal information is raised at telecom operators quite seriously, and they will disagree to provide such information in the personified look. It can be only the depersonalized data.