How to translate a clothing size

How to translate a clothing size

Clothing sizes — it is the certain code finding digital or alphabetic expression. This code corresponds to separate characteristics of a human body or separate parts of a body for which this or that detail of clothes intends. To simplify the scheme of a choice the person of a necessary thing, producers apply systems of designation of the sizes.

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In our country it is considered that the key to definition of a clothing size is a semi-grasp of a breast. It is not difficult to find him, but it is rather inconvenient to do it alone. That measurements were more exact, it is necessary to know the following cunnings: the old centimetric tape, stretches, and its indications can be not exact; it is necessary to press densely a tape to a body, not strongly tightening it, and without allowing saggings; at measurement of measures, at most, that has to be dressed on a body if it is the girl – underwear; the person has to stand during a measure exactly, quietly, as usually.


Presently on the market a lot of clothes, with the indication of the sizes used in a metrics of other countries arrive. But, how to the people who are not knowing compliance of the sizes to define, what size will suit them? How to translate a clothing size? Worldwide there is a huge number of systems of designation of the sizes. In the countries of Europe the attempt of creation of the general standard which is based on such unit of measure as centimeter is made. Let's consider at first compliance of the alphabetic sizes, with our numerical. The table is given below, being guided on which each person will be able to define, what size to him will be just.


Women's clothing Men's wear
Size 44 42 48 46 52 50 56 54 48 46 52 50 54



Further two tables of the European and American numerical sizes which are most often found at us are provided.

Women's clothing Russia 42 40 46 44 50 48 54 52
America 10 6/8 14 12 18 16 22 20
Europe 36 34 40 38 44 42 48 46
Men's wear Russia 48 46 52 50 56 54 60 58
America 38 36 42 40 46 44 50 48
Europe 48 46 52 50 56 54 60 58