How to receive the policy on the child

How to receive the policy on the child

The policy of the obligatory medical insurance (OMI) represents the document on the basis of which the insured person has the right to receive free medical care. Since 2011 it is possible to receive it on the child in any medical insurance company included in the register of medical insurance companies which are published by the compulsory health insurance territorial fund on its official site or it is published in other ways.

It is required to you

- copies of the passport;
- birth certificates of the child;
- certificate on registration.

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According to the order of Ministry of Health of February, 2011 - the insured person has an option of medical insurance company. Obligatory insurance of the child is carried out by that in which his mother or other lawful representative is insured.

At first choose the organization in which plan to receive the policy of compulsory health insurance. In each territorial district there is a rating of the companies rendering services of obligatory medical insurance.


Insurance will be carried out on the basis of the statement and copies of documents. For the child prepare the certified birth certificate and the copy of the passport of the lawful representative (mother or the father). Specify the child's full name, a floor, date of its birth, a place of the actual accommodation, nationality, a place and date of registration in the statement.

Also specify the same data of the lawful representative and the attitude towards the insured person (child) in the statement. Make the statement in written (or a printing form) and provide it directly in the organization of the insurer. Or make the statement in electronic form and publish on the official site of territorial fund of obligatory medical insurance. After registration for the e-mail address specified by you in the statement the notice with further instructions will come.


Now in a number of regions there are electronic insurance policies. They represent a plastic card with an electronic medium. In other regions the policy of compulsory health insurance exists in a paper form. It is given without restriction of validity period. On the basis of his child has the right to free medical services in the limits set by the decision of the commission on development of the compulsory health insurance territorial program.