What is hemorrhagic or ulcer rektokolit?

What is hemorrhagic or ulcer rektokolit?
Hemorrhagic (or ulcer) rektokolit - the inflammatory disease of intestines affecting a straight line and a thick gut entirely or partially. It is characterized by diarrhea like the dysentery connected with ulcerations of a mucous membrane of intestines.

The first manifestation of a disease happens the heaviest, then development of an illness goes with improvements and deteriorations and lasts for years. Rektokolit most often meets at young people, but happen cases and senior citizens.


• A bloody diarrhea with slime.
• High temperature, strong fatigue.
• Belly-aches, general indisposition.
• Appetite loss, iskhudaniye.


The hemorrhagic rektokolit a hereditary autoimmune disease (the organism produces antibodies to own fabrics). It is often connected with other pathological states which genetic nature is proved (as in case of an autoimmune tireoidit) or it is suspected (rheumatoid arthritis).

This disease is frequent meets at people which food is poor in vegetable fibers or is too rich with the refined sugars. Bowls can be observed it at non-smoking people or at smokers with an experience, than simply at smokers. The emotional stress, the accompanying infection, a gastroenteritis or treatment by antibiotics can cause recurrence.