How to bleach a sole

How to bleach a sole

White sneakers perfectly look with sportswear of any color. It is a pity that already through a small period they darken, especially a sole. But it is possible to refresh their appearance. For this purpose it is necessary to clean footwear.

It is required to you

- laundry detergent;
- vinegar;
- toothpaste or powder;
- lemon acid;
- bleach;
- eraser.

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Wash sneakers in the washing machine or manually with addition of the bleaching powder. But before to do it, look at a product label – not all footwear can be subjected to long stay in water. But if sneakers old, and you are not afraid of them to spoil – risk. Usually after that they become snow-white.

Dissolve optical or oxygen bleach (also stain remover will approach) in warm water. Make solution twice kontsentrirovanny, than it is specified in the instruction. Pour it in a basin, depth has to be such that the sole at sneakers only disappeared. In some hours carefully rinse footwear, and in case of need clean a sponge.

Apply on a damp toothbrush a little tooth-powder or the bleaching paste and clean a sole at footwear. Carefully rinse or wipe the damp rag moistened in clear water.

It is possible to bleach a sole at sneakers and by means of liquid for removal of a varnish or acetone. Apply means on a wadded disk or a small piece of bandage. Process problem sites. Before wiping all sole, try on an imperceptible place.

Dissolve acetic acid with water in the ratio 1:3. The received solution remove a gray raid from a sole. Instead of vinegar also lemon acid will approach - it can not dilute. Simply fill crystal powder on a damp rag or a brush, then clean rubber part of sneakers.

If on a sole of sneakers there were black strips, erase them a usual eraser or a slice of white rubber. Then wipe a rag and put a little white cream.

Address in a dry-cleaner and take an interest, whether they are engaged in footwear. If yes, you were lucky. Give sneakers in a charge of professionals, and in some days take away in original state without the slightest hint on a dirty sole.