How to accept calcium

How to accept calcium

The modern ecology, mad rhythm of daily working everyday life and improper feeding not too positively influence a human body. For this reason there is a need in addition to accept some vitamins and minerals, for example, calcium. At deficiency of calcium in an organism of a bone of the person there are fragile, nails and hair fragile, teeth start crumbling. And surplus of this mineral leads to formation of stones in bodies. For this reason it is necessary to accept calcium correctly.

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Calcium is soaked up in blood much quicker when in a stomach of the person there is a food. I.e. it is necessary to accept calcium or during meal, or at once after food.


Preparations of calcium are recommended to be accepted with a large amount of water.


It is better to accept calcium small doses several times a day, than at once in one big portion. Small quantities of a preparation are quicker soaked up and acquired by a human body.


In the preventive purposes 1-2 times are recommended to accept preparations of calcium (depending on a dosage) per day, it is desirable in the afternoon. In the medical purposes the dosage of calcium is defined by the doctor.


Vitamin D considerably improves absorption of calcium in blood of the person. He contains in fermented milk products, vegetable and butter, seafood, cod-liver oil, in herring, in a mackerel. By the way, the sunlight perfectly helps skin to develop vitamin D. So long summer walks promote excellent absorption of calcium in blood of the person.


Modern preparations of calcium are presented generally in three forms of reception: in the form of sparkling, chewable and usual tablets. Sparkling forms of preparations have a number of advantages before the others. First, they contain bigger amount of calcium, than in other forms. Secondly, calcium at reception of sparkling tablets is quicker dissolved and consequently, it is quicker soaked up in blood of the person. Chewable tablets differ in convenience of application (at any time, in any place).