How to clean allocation in the color on a desktop

How to clean allocation in the color on a desktop

Components on "Desktop" can look differently. In the Microsoft Windows operating system the user can organize everything to own taste. To adjust or clean allocation in the color of badges and inscriptions on "Desktop" it is possible for some clicks, if the nobility as where to look for.

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The main settings of "Desktop" are in a window "Properties: Screen". To cause it, through the Start-up menu open "Control panel". In the category "Registration and Subjects" choose the Screen badge, having clicked it with the left button of a mouse, or choose any of available tasks. Other way: click with the right button of a mouse in any a place of "Desktop", free from files and folders. In a drop-down menu select the Properties item, - the new dialog box will open.

If on your "Desktop" are allocated with color of an inscription of all folders and files, pass in the opened window to the Desktop tab and press the Control of a Desktop button. In in addition opened Desktop Elements dialog box pass to the Web tab. Remove a marker from the field "Fix Desktop Elements" and press the OK button. In a window of properties press the Apply button.

Additional visual effects and colors of inscriptions or other elements of various components of "Desktop" are adjusted on the Registration tab. Press In the addition button and by means of the dropping-out list adjust display of elements to own taste. Press the OK button in a window of additional registration, the Apply button in a window of properties and close a window.

Through the Start-up menu open "Control panel", in the category "Productivity and Service" choose a badge "System", - the Properties of System dialog box will open. Pass to In the addition tab and in Bystrodeystviye group press the Parameters button. In the opened Speed Parameters window pass to the Visual Effects tab. Put (clean) a marker the necessary fields, having adjusted registration to own taste. Press the OK button in a window of parameters, in a window of properties apply new settings and close the Properties of System window.