How to do door slopes

How to do door slopes

As if accurately installation of a door was made, not to do without additional finishing of door slopes in any way. Fortunately, it is possible to make door slopes also the hands, without resorting for this purpose to the help of the specialist finisher.

It is required to you

- profile (28*27);
- profile (60*27);
- a drill with nozzles;
- gypsum plasterboard;
- subweight;
- polyurethane foam or plaster;
- hard putty;
- water;
- emphasis;
- silicone;
- PVC plastic;
- decorative corner;
- level;
- roulette;
- Mulka;
- cement mortar.

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There are, at least, four ways of finishing of door slopes: an attachment of the PVC panels on a framework, installation of gypsum cardboard on a metal or wooden framework, plastering of slopes and gluing of gypsum cardboard on polyurethane foam or plaster. Choose what of above-mentioned methods is convenient in your case, and starts its realization.

Make door slopes of gypsum cardboard on a framework. For this purpose on slope length from two parties attach a profile (28*27), and across them – a profile (60*27). Fix profiles on an old door slope, using for this purpose subweight. After installation of a framework sheathe its gispokartony.

Execute finishing of door slopes by gluing of gypsum cardboard on polyurethane foam or plaster. Measure the sizes of a slope and by them cut out gypsum cardboard.

Then apply the cut-out gipsokartonny piece to a door slope and, having leveled it by means of level, find out how this element of a design will settle down.

Knead plaster, having added to it a little hard putty (it is necessary for increase in operating time with plaster).

Apply plaster solution from edge of a slope with a continuous strip and paste on it gypsum cardboard. When using as the fastener polyurethane foam apply it on a slope surface, then apply gypsum cardboard and put special emphasis (foam is capable to increase in volume, therefore if not to put emphasis, the slope will turn out curve).

Make slopes of the PVC panels on a framework: for this purpose will expose a profile, fix on it the plastic panel which edge paste over with a decorative corner (glue on silicone).

Plaster slopes. First of all, define a corner of a bias of slopes (slopes can be as developed, and straight lines).

Then will expose a wooden lath or the aluminum rule on level, having fixed it to a wall a nail. That it was easier to level slopes, make special Mulka of a piece of a tree.

After that moisten a slope with water and outline solution on a slope, and then level it Mulka. In about 15 minutes remove a lath (rule). The slope is ready.