How to sew a bag from jeans

How to sew a bag from jeans

Old jeans can present new life. And it is not obligatory to do of them shorts or to send into exile to giving. The old denim can be used for sewing of a bag.

It is required to you

- fabric;
- scissors;
- threads;
- needle;
- sewing machine.

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Sew a small handbag clutch which will become bright accent of a cocktail or evening dress from denim. On graph paper draw a bag pattern. In its basis there has to be a rectangle which size corresponds to the desirable size of a handbag. To one of the long parties of a figure add one more same rectangle is a back part of a clutch. Attach a quadrangle to the top side of this part. One of its short parties has to be twice less than the second. On each side the turned-out figure add on two centimeters of allowances for seams.


Transfer a pattern to fabric. From jeans cut out outer side of a bag. Cut out just the same detail for a lining from any fabric suitable on color. If a jeans rather soft and thin, a form of a handbag it is necessary to strengthen. Make intermediate part between a pad and top of thin foam rubber. Find this detail without allowances for seams.


From fabric of a lining will find a pocket for trifles or the cell phone. Sprain its upper edge and stitch. At once sew a pocket to a bag lining. At the same stage choose a fastener for a clutch. It is possible to use usual flypapers or buttons. Sew them to front part of a bag.


Usually clutches are carried in a hand, but for convenience they are supplied also with long handles for carrying through a shoulder. If you prefer a chain on a carbine, a pristrochita to preparation of external part of a clutch two loops for which it is possible to cling the handle. In case you chose the fabric handle or a lace, sew it directly to a dzhinsa.


Collect all details of a bag. Apply denim and lining the face to each other. Stitch them on the machine on perimeter, having receded from edge of 1,5 cm. Stitch only three parties of a quadrangle, a side leave not stitched, except for the site relating to a clutch cover.


Turn out preparation and insert inside foam rubber. Put back and forward speak rapidly bags at each other the face. Stitch them on each side and turn out outside.