How to choose good strawberry seedling

How to choose good strawberry seedling

Strawberry – one of the most tasty, fragrant and juicy berries. Besides it is very useful to health. Therefore gardeners willingly grow up it. It is necessary to carry to advantages of strawberry also that it very well breeds therefore any gardener wishing to occupy with strawberry a new ground, will not have problems with seedling. But to receive a good, qualitative harvest, the seedling needs to be chosen correctly.

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The most widespread way of receiving seedling of garden wild strawberry is a rooting of sockets from moustaches. And here inexperienced gardeners sometimes make a fatal flaw. Their attention is drawn by powerful, magnificent bushes of berry which give a lot of well developed moustaches, and from them they take sockets. Actually such bushes do not yield a plentiful harvest. Mark in advance high-yielding bushes of strawberry better even if they look much more modestly, and leave at each such bush moustaches with 2-3 first, the most well developed sockets. Remove all other moustaches with secateurs.

Before change of seedling on a new place, attentively examine each bush formed of the taken roots sockets. In it there have to be at least three well developed small stalks with the green, uniformly painted leaves. "Heart" or a bud of a bush and its root system also have to be well developed. Here such bushes can be planted safely on a new site. At good leaving they for certain will please you with a big and rich crop.

If you buy seedling privately, track that all bushes had such above described signs. Plants with undeveloped "heart", with hardly noticeable root system or with spotty leaves with a border, resolutely reject. Even if the seller will assure you that itself from year to year puts on the site just the same seedling of strawberry and will not be extolled.

Do not forget that it is necessary to dig out the taken roots sockets with an earth lump, let and small, and as soon as possible to put in in advance prepared holes. Then water bushes and powder with the friable earth. "Heart" of each bush has to be slightly higher than a level of the soil. Deepening, as well as an excessive elation of "heart" when landing will lead to that the bush will badly get accustomed and can be lost.