How to wish a Happy New Year the client

How to wish a Happy New Year the client

The client's congratulation happy New Year – business responsible. After all besides that it is necessary to tell or write actually a congratulation of the partner on a holiday, it is necessary also to make so that the gift constantly reminded of your company. But if to think, it is possible to find an interesting and original way of a congratulation on this magic holiday.

It is required to you

computer, Internet access, phone, funds for acquisition of gifts

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Use small, but useful things. Notebooks, handles, calendars and folders with a firm logo enjoy the greatest popularity. T-shirts and circles are less widespread. This way is the most successful for publishing houses and printing houses, and also to the companies which are engaged in production of souvenirs. However, even if your organization does not belong to above-mentioned, you for certain have contractors in this sphere who as a New Year's gift will be able to give you a small discount. Such souvenirs should be presented to each partner with whom you worked more or less often during the whole year.


Send to the client's representative the e-mail. A distinctive feature of this congratulation consists in lack of expenditure. Write the letter in which thank for cooperation, wish all benefits in the coming year and send the image with the picture. It is desirable to choose a card or simply beautiful background on which it is also possible to insert the text of a congratulation. Also do not forget to add a logo of the company. It is possible to congratulate thus even those clients who made only one order in the expiring year or and remained potential. The similar attention will be pleasant to them. And, perhaps, next year you sign the contract for cooperation.


Congratulate clients personally in a suit of Father Frost and Snow Maiden. This way can be carried out if the partner is in the same city. It rather expensive on time, but clients, certainly, will estimate a similar congratulation. Such method can be used for loyal partners with whom there were friendly relations.


Address to advertizing agency. This organization will help you to think up and carry out really non-standard congratulation. Such agencies always have some creative ideas which will be able to offer you in a stock. It can be even the whole theatrical congratulation on competitions and prizes. The only moment – it is desirable to warn the client about a similar congratulation in advance that he did not appoint meeting or did not go to a meeting at this time.


Invite the client to corporate evening. It is possible to rent cafe or restaurant where it is worth calling the most favourite clients, to carry out for them entertainment program and it is obligatory everyone invited it is necessary to hand a small gift with firm symbolics.