How to feel fights

How to feel fights

Very often future mothers are afraid to pass the beginning of childbirth, having had heard plenty of stories about false contractions. The main thing – not to worry. Some simple signs will let to you know that time came. You will not mix true fights with anything, besides, there is a set of other symptoms.

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On the second or third week prior to childbirth there are first signs of approach of fights. At this time the head of the child starts falling down, is closer to an entrance to a basin. It can be noticed from outside, the doctor too can tell that the stomach fell. At this time, perhaps, it will become easier for you to breathe as the child will cease to press on a thorax. Lowering of a stomach can and be not noticed, but you can pay attention that the clothes began to sit in a different way. At this particular time, that is in recent weeks, it is possible to feel false contractions. The uterus becomes sensitive, painful reductions are observed more often, but intervals between them uncertain. Often they are felt, how a stomach tension. Over time these harbingers fade, unlike true which only increase the intensity and morbidity. False contractions happen at night, are felt in the bottom of a stomach and from a back. If you worry that childbirth began, it is better to go to maternity hospital to calm themselves.

In two-three days prior to childbirth you can feel an otkhozhdeniye of "a mucous stopper" - a bloody clot. It is slime which accumulated in the cervical channel since the beginning of pregnancy, departs from a uterus neck, expanding it. It is a turning point after which there is the main sign of the beginning of childbirth – fights.

In certain cases there is a rupture of membranes of a fetal bubble which covered a uterus. Thus amniotic waters stream in a vagina. It can occur and at the time of delivery but if waters departed houses, it is necessary to address to maternity hospital.

If you already took false contractions for the beginning of childbirth, at the true will feel a difference. Uterus muscles start being reduced intensively to push out the baby and a placenta. The first regular contractions last half-minute, with intervals 15-20 minutes. The uterus strains, felt pain in front of a stomach and in a back at this time. Then fights last more, till 90 seconds, the interval decreases. When breaks reach ten minutes, it is necessary to address to maternity hospital. During fights there can be a nausea or diarrhea. They are not always painful, there can be simply strong pulling feelings. Sometimes during fights it is possible to feel spasms in a waist, similar to feelings during periods.

If true fights began before term, address to maternity hospital or female consultation as it can be premature birth. Just in case in advance collect a bag in maternity hospital, take a nightgown, hygienic laying, soap, toothpaste and a brush, postnatal shorts.