How to carry out a detoxication

How to carry out a detoxication

Substances, harmful to human body, can get through respiratory organs, skin and a digestive tract. Fortunately, the nature provided natural clarification from toxins that most often and occurs. But in the modern world, with its bad ecology and not always reasonable use of achievements of chemistry, toxic agents there is too much. Besides people and weaken themselves nicotine, alcohol, an inactive way of life and plentiful food. Therefore sometimes the organism needs the help. The detoxication can be carried out and in medical institution, and at home.

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Before beginning a detoxication, be convinced that it is necessary. Pay attention to such symptoms, as a frequent headache, feeling of fatigue even in the morning, problems with a stomach, locks, swollen joints, a back pains, hypersensibility to various chemicals including containing in cosmetics and perfumery.

Pass inspection at experts that these general symptoms not to mix and not to pass any serious disease – heart troubles, endocrine system, an allergy It will be, etc. quite good if you consult to the doctor, in what form it is better to carry out cleaning procedures.

Take an interest at physicians, what methods the modern medicine for clarification of an organism can offer. On medical indicators, for example, the plasma exchange, effective removal of harmful substances from blood is carried out. Besides, in combination with medicines the excellent medical effect is rendered by an intestinal unleavened wheat cake (kolonoterapiya). Washout of a gut, you can help an organism to struggle not only with intoxication, but also with many chronic diseases. But remember that to make the independent decision to carry out any procedures it is impossible as there are contraindications.

In house conditions do not hurry to try diets, laxative and diuretichesky means, enemas and fashionable burners of fat. Remember that, first, application of strong means is a stress for an organism (and so, apparently, at you weakened), secondly, you can wash up useful substances from the organism and, thirdly, they can be simply harmful to you. Therefore at first be convinced that these means to you will not do much harm.

Use such antiquated method as the Russian bath. Still you gain bigger effect if order special lymphatic drainage massage.

Try to do massage with use of suitable essential oils. The conclusion of toxins through skin pores will improve also regular reception of bathtubs with sea salt. The same means removing stress and stresses in a complex with respiratory gymnastics will help to reduce amount of harmful substances in an organism.

Regularly arrange to yourself "unloading" days in the form of refusal of application of various means on care of a body – from creams to antiperspirants.

Pay special attention to what water you drink and that eat. The majority of toxins gets through digestive system. Surely filter water, and whenever possible, use the dining room mineral. For a detoxication of an organism it is useful to use green and different grass types of tea. If you have no heart troubles or kidneys, drink more water, try to bring daily amount of liquid to 2-2,5 liters.

Clean from the refrigerator and kitchen lockers all packaged, ready-made products (they contain harmful preservatives). Reduce the use of preservation and dishes from the cleared grain to a minimum, but only be not overzealous – absolutely it is impossible to delete it from a diet.

Instead of sugar try to eat natural sweet products, such, for example, as honey, treacle or a stevia. From proteinaceous food give preference to a chicken, fish, nuts, eggs, bean cultures.

11 to restore normal work of a liver and pancreas, periodically carry out a low-calorie diet. It is possible to do it by the seasonal principle. Refuse the use of fried, fat, smoked food, sweets and salty products. Whenever possible eat fresh vegetables and fruit.