How to turn on the qwerty-keyboard on phone

How to turn on the qwerty-keyboard on phone

It is much more convenient than the Qwerty-keyboard usual, however not when you have phone with touch management. If all of you decided to use it in your phone, be convinced in advance available at you a stylus as at first in phone to get used to such type of the touch keyboard rather difficult.

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At input of the message or other data from the touch keyboard of phone, carry out by its buttons to the right or left side. If thus the mode of input did not change on Qwerty, try to open a context menu of input and to find the control connected with the keyboard used by you by default. Also this parameter in some phones is adjusted in the general properties of the mobile phone or subjects of its registration.

In case in documentation of your mobile phone there are instructions on existence in the Qwerty device of the keyboard and it does not join when performing of the necessary actions stated in the instruction by you, address to the service center for repair.

Also you can try to execute a reinsertion in house conditions by means of a special cable or a flash card. Best of all use a standard insertion for your model.

In case in your model of the mobile phone it is not provided Qwerty-keyboards, establish it by a separate element. This method is actual only for owners of smartphones.

Load the keyboard for your model of the mobile device, execute verification of the file downloaded by you on viruses. After that copy the fitter in the module of memory of phone. Start process of installation of the manager of files.

Pay attention that the keyboard installed by you in the form of the appendix should not request Internet access, sendings calls or SMS messages; most likely, this software is harmful.

In case of correct installation start the keyboard from the list of the installed applications, curtail it and pass to input of the text in the browser, the editor of SMS messages and so on. Start the keyboard from the curtailed appendices and with its help write the necessary text.