How to copy the text on the computer

How to copy the text on the computer

The novice user of the personal computer can face such problem. You have a book or other printing edition which text needs to be copied on the computer. Or on some site you found useful information and want it to keep in the form of the text file. How to work in such situations?

It is required to you

· Scanner
· Program for recognition of the text
· Internet access
· Text editor

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If it is necessary to keep information from the printing edition, you can fill the text manually, but this quite long and tiresome occupation. Use modern development in the field of copying and recognition of the text better. In the beginning scan the document.

Many scanners have very useful function of recognition of the text in the software. The document in a text format copied from the printing edition will be result of scanning.
But, unfortunately, the built-in function not really qualitatively recognizes words, especially, if your source code was badly printed. Many mistakes will occur in the text – letters will be replaced with letters, other, similar on writing, or even figures.


Other option – use the special program which recognizes the text from the scanned picture. The result of such copying of the text on the computer will be more better.


And use of an online service for recognition of the text will be the third option. On such resources it is offered to load the scanned document on the Internet. After recognition you also receive the text which can be copied in any text editor subsequently. But also here too there will be mistakes which it is necessary to govern.


Attentively read the document received as a result of recognition. Do not forget to be verified with a source code. Make corrections where it is necessary.


To copy the text, it is necessary to place it in a clipboard. For this purpose bring the cursor to the beginning of the document. Press the left button of a mouse, and without releasing it, carry out the cursor in all text up to the end. Now release the button.

It is possible to use other method of allocation. Install the cursor at the beginning of the text. Press the Shift button and, without releasing it, advance the cursor up to the end by means of arrows. Then release Shift.
After that press the right button of a mouse and choose the Copy function from the offered menu or press a combination of the Ctrl+C keys on the keyboard.

Thanks to this action, all allocated information will be copied in a computer clipboard.


Now you needed only to insert data from a clipboard. Open the document in which it is planned to copy the text. Pressing the right button of a mouse cause the auxiliary menu where choose the Insert function or press a combination of the Ctrl+V keys on the keyboard. All information will be inserted into your document.
Using a clipboard, you can copy the text from the Internet or other sources.