How to teach a dog to float

How to teach a dog to float

Question of how to teach a dog to float, it is rather possible to set in a different way: how to relieve it of hydrophobia. Actually all dogs are able to float since the birth, this ability in them wakens instinctively. Once you release a dog in water, it right there will orient and will instantly float in the safest place – to the coast or in hands to the owner. If your dog does not want to get into the water, you can only try to relieve it of fear of water.

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The love to swimming not always depends on what breed your dog, sometimes is the trait of character inherent only to it. Almost all hunting dogs with pleasure get into the water, especially those who takes part in hunting for a bird. Norny dogs, especially dachshunds, too big fans to swim for a while. Not really shepherd's dogs, the Central Asian and Caucasian sheep-dogs love water. However, exceptions happen always. If your dog is afraid of water, and you want to relieve it of this fear, treat process as to training and education.

Do not act by the principle at all: "Will want to live – will come up", pushing together a dog in water at a depth. You can be sure that she without special work will reach the coast, but here hardly after such "bathing" will more strongly fall in love with water. Moreover, to these you can finally frighten an animal, and such violent heats for it will always be wrapped in the real stress. The dog will perceive it as punishment, but will not understand – for what.

If your dog – still a puppy, you can use her instinctive aspiration to training and repetition of actions of the senior member of pack. A good occasion to overcome hydrophobia – game in which fuse many dogs are so forgotten that plunge into the water behind the thrown toy or a stick. At first simply walk along water with a dog. She has to accustom, understand that danger is not present. Let the puppy come into water, drinks it.

After a while start a practical training. Holding a dog for a lead, but without wearing out her, come together on a flat, small place, move in water along the coast. If your pet rests, take him on hands, take, having a little lowered in water, hold him, without holding down movements of a dog.

Play with a dog at water, take with yourself its favourite toy. Throw it at first near the coast, then far away. Do not forget to give to a dog something tasty when she gets a toy from water and will bring to you. Gradually your patience will be rewarded and the dog will get used to water, will start floating with pleasure, especially in hot weather.