How to be if the husband does not love any more

How to be if the husband does not love any more

"It took away all the things and left to mother. Told that did not wait - it will not return. Passed love. I cannot look at these empty cases! - Inna cries in phone. - To me it is so bad that there is a wish to die". They lived in marriage seven quite happy years. At least, so it seemed to it. And now everything came to an end. How to live further if the husband does not love any more?

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Let's make a reservation at once, what not the husband, but the ex-husband. There is a basic difference between the spouse and "eksy". The first – in the present, the second – in the past. It is necessary to draw a line, to divide life on "to" and "after". Not meaning that on "black Tuesday" life ended, and that when it left, you began a new round of events and days. The task – to learn to live without it and to be thus happy, strangely enough now it sounds. Understanding and understanding will come much later when you are able to think and draw on everything conclusions quietly. For now it is enough let mechanically, but to implement the following recommendations.


Remember an old joke: "If the husband left to another, still it is not known who was lucky!" Actually, whether everything was so smooth at you? You constantly quarreled? Perhaps, it changed you? Earned a little? Now such period that you should not idealize the former spouse by no means. Especially as you are worthy the bigger.


Throw everything, borrow money if they are not present, and go to holiday. It is proved that two weeks in five-stars hotel on the bank of the warm sea nullify practically all warm dramas. The noncommittal holiday romance or at least hot flirtation are extremely recommended.


Upon return start resolving financial issues, including the section of property. Do not shelve business: now the ex-husband has an increased feeling of fault which you with ease can turn into additional square meters and diamonds. And if he as poor as a church mouse to cry there is nothing at all.


Arrange solemn burning or at least carrying out on a garbage can of all things which remind you of it. Also do not feel sorry for a convenient ottoman with matrasiky of a buckwheat peel! Understand, right now you can be engaged in business of which so long dreamed: whether it be Spanish language courses, reading for the night or travel on clubs. Live for yourself and rejoice to every day, regardless of that, one you or with someone.