Who such Crustacea and mollusks?

Who such Crustacea and mollusks?
Many animals live in sinks which serve as protection to their soft bodies. Sinks always differ in hardness, and happen all flowers and the sizes. Sinks of some sea snails hardly exceed the sizes of a grain of sand, but also the huge Pacific mollusk meets a sink with a diameter of 120 cm.

Some animals living on the land too have sinks, for example snails, but most often in sinks there live sea inhabitants. Their number includes mollusks and Crustacea. Some of them are edible, for example oysters, combs and lobsters.

Mollusks represent the separate species of animals other than fishes who, as we know, do not live in sinks. Mollusks enter a diet of coastal inhabitants for thousands of years. Even on parking and at excavation find a huge number of shutters from sinks of edible mollusks in caves of prehistoric people.

Crustacea — this big family of invertebrate animals, enter into it more than 10 000 different types. Crayfish, shrimps, crabs, lobsters, spiny lobsters and water fleas treat Crustacea. They are found generally in the seas and oceans.

The trunk and feet of Crustacea consist of a set of joints. On two forepaws many of them have claws by which they are protected and are enough production. Many Crustacea live in sinks which protect their soft body.