How to disconnect Beeline Internet

How to disconnect Beeline Internet

The telecom operator "Beeline" offers the clients some types of connection with the Internet: by means of the mobile phone, by means of the computer via the USB modem or wi-fi a router. It is possible to disconnect the Internet as it is independent, and by means of the staff of the company.

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For shutdown of a package of services the GPRS Internet, WAP and MMS gather the following combination on phone: *110*180#, press a call key. In some seconds you receive the SMS notice of shutdown.


Log into a control system of services "my "Beeline" on the official site of the company. The system is to the address Enter login and the password. Login – your phone number without the country code (+7 - for Russia, +380 - for Ukraine, etc.) standing at the beginning. For obtaining the password gather *110*9# and press the call button. On the display there will be an inscription "Your demand is accepted". In a minute you receive the SMS with the password. After introduction of login and the password come into the "management of services" point. Put a tick in the line "mobile Internet" and press the disconnect button. Your inquiry will be satisfied within half an hour.


Change settings of Internet connection in your phone. Change a profile "Beeline" for another, for example, "MTS" or "Tele2". You can change any other settings in order that connection through an access point "Beeline" could not be established.


Come the menu of independent management of services. Gather *111# a call. On phone display you will see the menu. For transition to sections of the menu press "to answer"> number of appropriate section> "ok" or "to transfer". Refuse the mobile Internet in appropriate section.


Find in the main menu of phone, or in "Appendices", "Communication", "Office", "Tools" an icon "Beeline" (a sphere about a black-yellow strip). Press it and come into the SIM menu of your phone. Disconnect the mobile Internet in the section "Services".


Call the operator and ask it to disconnect the Internet on your phone. For this purpose gather 0611 (number of the center of support of clients "Beeline") and press the call button.


Address to the nearest office "Beeline" to disconnect the mobile Internet. The podklyucheniyaa via the USB modem and wi-fi can also refuse services at office.