How pumpkin oil in house cosmetology is applied?

How pumpkin oil in house cosmetology is applied?
Use of oil of pumpkin sunflower seeds is recommended at care of the withering and dry face skin.

If face skin too dry, is signs of a peeling and irritation or you noticed that skin lost elasticity, became lifeless and sluggish, make very simple mask of pumpkin oil. Oil in pure form (without mixing with other oils) is applied with a thin layer on skin (on lips and on area round eyes too), the minimum is evenly distributed and left for half an hour, but it is better if duration of effect of oil is minutes forty. After that the face can be rinsed with slightly warm water and if you are not going to leave the house soon, it is rather simple to blot a face with a paper napkin.

Some drops of pumpkin oil add to already ready cosmetic creams clearing tonics, lotions, masks. At preparation of house creams pumpkin oil is used as a nutritious basis.
At hot and dry weather oil of pumpkin sunflower seeds will protect skin from harmful effects of an ultraviolet, thereby preventing aging of skin. But if it happened so that skin already suffered from solar burns, pumpkin oil will help to avoid emergence of pigmentary spots and uneven skin color. It is recommended to use in this case oil at a final stage of healing of solar burns.