How to choose pomegranate

How to choose pomegranate
Strange fruits of passion – the grenade. Their ruby cores so attract to themselves and bewitch. A problem how to buy rather worthy grenades. As as, and not from cheap, and the good wants to buy fruit. Further you will serve this fruit on a table to the guests, close, native and to children. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Choose Pomegranate" How to prepare pearl barley How to prepare a julienne with mushrooms As is avocado As it is correct to choose pomegranate and not to be trapped?


Remember that grenades on the former Soviet Union carry from the different countries of the world. However the more grenades go, the worse they come. Therefore choose the grenades brought from the closest countries. Traditionally it is considered that the best grenades bring from Tashkent. Therefore be interested, fruit from where is brought before buying them.


Ripe grenades have to have red berries, however color not always speaks about ripeness. Rather ripe pomegranate has sweet fruits, and this main condition. Quite often in the markets suggest to taste grenades in which trade – you should not neglect this offer.


Buying grenades it is necessary to pay attention to color of a peel. A peel have to have saturated red color with an orange shade. It means that pomegranate ripened enough before was broken.


One more nuance which will help to choose pomegranate, this condition of a peel. The thin skin has to fit pomegranate, so that drawing of berries was visible. Besides, the thin skin has to be dry and slightly apathetic, try to knock over a peel and to check it thus.


Surely glance in a place where there was a pomegranate flower. Peculiar petals have to be dry, and no greens should be there. Otherwise this pomegranate will be immature.


Pay attention to fruit weight. As a rule, ripe, good pomegranate weighs more than, it seems. This results from the fact that in the grenade there are no emptiness, and berries were enough poured by juice.


Pomegranate has to be firm and dense to the touch. It speaks about its integrity and correct delivery terms.


It is possible to carry to a practical advice also that it is better to buy the grenade from Uzbeks. However legitimacy of this council the very shaky.

In general choose pomegranate can be quite difficult. Therefore it is better to buy them in one place, so you though will a little secure yourself against substandard goods. Besides, it is better if this place is in the market as shops can often change suppliers depending on seasonality. Make a right choice and enjoy fruits of pomegranate both in the cold winter and in the warm summer.