What sewing machine to choose

What sewing machine to choose

Thanks to modern sewing machines sewing turned into pleasure. Depending on type, capacities and complete sets of the device as beginning and the skilled skilled workers will be able to carry out various sewing operations, independently making unique things.

The sponsor of placement P&G "What sewing machine to choose Articles on a subject" How to insert threads into the sewing machine How to insert a needle into the sewing machine How to replace a needle in the machine Choosing the sewing machine, first of all, it is necessary to consider the level of your skill and what tasks you set for the device. All cars share on two big classes: universal and special. The first are used for repair or tailoring of products, the second – for performance of some concrete operation.

On extent of automation units are subdivided into mechanical and electronic (computer). Mechanical need continuous participation of the seamstress. Start of such cars is made by means of the manual drive therefore they were gradually forced out by electromechanical devices with functions of performance of any seams. The type of a seam gets out on such machine rotation of the special castor located on the control panel.

Computer sewing machines with the built-in processor enjoy special popularity. These devices cope the push-button block. To the computer car on a shoulder various ornaments, scalloped subcabins, merezhka and many other things. Moreover, the most difficult models in memory have some alphabets, and also there is a possibility of entering in it certain combinations of letters and decorative elements in the necessary sequence.

Computer cars are equipped by "the sewing adviser". Thanks to this system current settings, and also the sewing parameters corresponding to type of fabric and this or that operation are brought to the display.

Such machines cost quite much, and to choose similar best of all for the skilled seamstress knowing that with her to do. Choosing the machine for the first time in lives or the device for domestic needs. It is better to stop the choice on electromechanical or elementary computer model. The sewing machine with a mass of options to anything if all these opportunities are not used.

Also sewing machines share on types as a stitch. Shuttle cars include zigzag and direct stitches, devices with a chain stitch – krayeobmetochny, flat, one - and double-stranded. The quantity of lines of modern cars varies from ten to several hundred. Depends on it, how well the machine will cope with processing of edge of fabric, will execute a podgibka and so on.

The important characteristic of the sewing machine – the sewing speed which is regulated by pressing force on a pedal. Smooth adjustment of speed of sewing is provided in the majority of devices. Pressure of a pad can also be regulated automatically or by means of a spring.