How to add gloss to eyes in a photoshop

How to add gloss to eyes in a photoshop

Before posting online the photo or to print, it is necessary to be convinced that on the image there are no shortcomings. If you noticed some defects, such as lack of expressiveness and gloss in eyes, use tools of the Photoshop editor.

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For a start start the graphic editor and open in him the necessary photo. Then create a basis for editing, having chosen the section "Layer" in the top toolbar and the subsection "New Layer". Entitle the created Photoshop element – "Eyes".

Depict a contour of eyes, using the Fast Allocation tool. To add a new site to just separated fragment, press the sign "+" in the course of use of the tool. If you want to exclude an eye site from allocation, press the sign "-".

Being on a new layer of "Eye", take the Brush tool, set to it black color and carry out along the made contour. Black color will be visible only in an allocation zone.

Then find in the top part of a window "Layers" the imposing parameter "Normal" and change to the Multiplication mode. Then set transparency parameter in the right side of a window of about 40%.

Press a combination of the Ctrl key and a letter D, having cleaned the line of a contour. Then again use the Fast Allocation tool, only now depict an iris of the eye of eyes.

Shade the depicted area. For this purpose find the Allocation tab and choose the subsection "Modification". In the appeared list of functions press on "Shading" and put down radius parameter to 5 pixels.

Pass "Background" to a layer and press the keys Ctrl, Alt and letters D, having copied this allocation on a new layer. Use the filter with the name "Planimetric Sharpness" which is in the subsection "Sharpness" of the section "Filter" to again created element. Then reduce transparency of the second layer to 60%.

Take the Clarifier tool and carry out couple of strokes in the direction of internal corners of eyes, adding peculiar patches of light. Then press on "to Save" "File" in the section of the menu, and the photo with expressive shining eyes is ready.