How to store and use spices?

How to store and use spices?
The spices representing dried fragrant parts of some plants - seeds, berries, kidneys, roots, flowers and bark are urged to increase taste of juicy and sweet dishes.

How to choose

Whenever possible buy the whole, but not ground spices. The cover of seeds and a peel protect taste and aroma of spicy plants. Volatiles start disappearing right after grind and completely disappear within several months.

Therefore buy spices gradually and in a year replace them. Upon purchase smell to be convinced of safety of aroma.

How to store

Keep spices in tight containers in dry, cool and dark places. The case standing in a cool place or buffet is ideal.

How to watch freshness

Celebrate date of purchase on a label.

How quickly to find the necessary spice

Put them in alphabetical order. If you regularly use some of them, store them separately, together with other often applied products, for example with oil or vinegar.

It is possible to store the spices applied at pastries (cinnamon, a nutmeg, ground ginger) together with other products for pastries (baking soda, baking powders and salt).

How to crush

Put about 1 tablespoon of spice in an electric mill. Mill to thin powder and use immediately or rastolkit spices a pestle in a mortar.