How to update kaspersky of the folder

How to update kaspersky of the folder

Kaspersky's antivirus allows to make updating of signatures not only on the computer with active connection to the Internet, but also and without it. For this purpose it is necessary to have access to the computer which constantly updates a product.

It is required to you

Software Kaspersky's Antivirus 2011.

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Updating of the Antivirus of Kaspersky 2011 is possible only at a linking of two computers, on one of which there has to be a connection with the Internet, other computer will take away the necessary files from the local folder. If both computers are united by a local network, the task is considerably facilitated.

Adjust updating of signatures so that files were copied in a shared folder on one of the "shared" disks (to which there is an access at all computers to networks). By default the folder for local storage of files of updatings is the C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataKaspersky LabAVP11Update distribution catalog (for Windows XP) or C:ProgramDataKaspersky LabAVP11Update distribution (for Windows 7).

As a rule, these folders are hidden and their viewing through "Conductor" is inaccessible. That these catalogs were are available to all computers in a network it is necessary to adjust properties of folders. For this purpose open "Windows Conductor" and in the top Service menu select the Properties of the Folder item.

In the opened window pass to the Look tab and in the Additional Parameters block give a mark opposite to the "Show the Hidden Files and Folders" point. Close a window, having pressed the OK button.

Then pass to the main window of the program and in the right top corner click with the left button of a mouse on the reference "Control". In the opened window choose the Updating block.

Give a mark opposite to the "Copy Updatings in the Folder" point and press the Review button. Specify any directory in the Folder Choice window or create new, then press the OK button twice.

Start updating of anti-virus bases. On other computer pass to settings of updating and specify the local folder which was chosen on the first computer before in the section "Source". Start updating of anti-virus bases on this computer.