How to determine normal weight

How to determine normal weight

The problem of determination of normal body weight is actual always, especially when the person cares of a condition of the health. After all an aberration in this or that party development and an exacerbation of various diseases testify to violation of any functions of an organism, and, as a result. But the concept "normal weight" ambiguous can also change depending on racial accessory, a floor, growth and age. Let's try to allocate some basic principles.

It is required to you

Bathroom scales
Height meter

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Subtract number 100 from the size of the growth. The received result will also be an indicator of normal weight. Thus it is necessary to make the amendment on constitution type: thin people it is 3-5% easier, and strong put, on the contrary, it is 2-3% heavier than those who treats normostenik.


Calculate an index of excess body weight. For this purpose it is necessary to divide weight in kilograms into growth transferred to square meters. If the turned-out size less than 25, is considered weight normal.


Define the relation of volumes of a waist to the size of volume of hips. The turned-out value should not exceed at women 0,8, and at men – 0,9.


Calculate normal weight on Robinson's formula: 52+1.9 * (0,394*h–60) where h is growth in see.