How to install the autoradio tape recorder

How to install the autoradio tape recorder

Now it is simply impossible to present the new car without good audio-and videosystems. After all for each motorist huge value has what sound will be in the car, and also what quality can be received when listening and viewing electronic media. For this reason there is a wish to install the autoradio tape recorder most, having saved thus a quantity of money.

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The main source of electricity in any autoradio tape recorder is the modern accumulator. It also is also the most important danger to quality of sounding of the autoradio tape recorder and all its loudspeakers if the + plug of the audio system will get on "-" the food plug, or on one of other plugs on loudspeakers.


To connect the autoradio tape recorder, it is necessary to make correctly connection of "plus" and "minus" to the car accumulator. But at connection to it you will be able to receive the most maximum power of sounding of columns and lack of almost all hindrances and aimings of a sound in the autoradio tape recorder.


Most often it is connected via the lock of ignition or by means of the lighter. Besides, at connection you need to check that the positive socket of a wire was only copper and multicore, differently hindrances in sounding are inevitable. Also such wires need to be used with its big section from 4 mm, and the recommended length of a wire has to be as it is possible well.


Then after a choice of the necessary wire it is necessary for you at the general distance 40-50 cm from the plus plug of your accumulator of the car, to establish a special additional safety lock which will protect your radio tape recorder from overheating and breakage. This wire has to possess good isolation as at connection with the minus plug it can give a spark and lead to a fire-dangerous situation.


Laying of a minus wire has to be made without different types to twist and a far arrangement from consumers of energy. Connection of a plus and minus wire to the autoradio tape recorder is carried out only after connection of car loudspeakers to it. Acoustic wires have to be also well insulated.


Try to connect the autoradio tape recorder to the accumulator only when all connections of loudspeakers are made already, and it is necessary only to connect the autoradio tape recorder to the main plus. If you do everything strictly according to this plan, the autoradio tape recorder will serve you long enough, and the sound will pleasantly please with the quality.