What signs at fishermen exist?

What signs at fishermen exist?
Good luck on fishing is connected with a set of the reasons, including with weather conditions. Long ago it is known that fish in cloudy and even best of all pecks rainy weather. And here during a hot summer season it is better to fish at an early dawn and at sunset. What else signs exist at fishers?

Often low water level as water at this moment is too subject to temperature drops which inhabitants of water depths very much do not love is the reason of a bad biting. The bad biting is observed and at sharp increase of water as fish, worrying, is compelled to look for a new place constantly. Optimum time is considered the period when water level increases gradually after the drought period.
Long ago skilled fishers noticed that the wind too is capable to influence a biting. At a light breeze when on water the almost inaudible, small ripples are noticeable - quite good poklevka are noted. And, on the contrary, if strong - that of good fishing you do not wait for a wind.
If to trust national signs, it is better to catch fish in a new moon - during this period she pecks better, than, let us assume, under the full moon. And in a full moon it is better to fish at a morning dawn - it is considered that fish at this moment pecks much more willingly.
Some fishers claim that differences of atmospheric pressure too are capable to be reflected in a biting. So, fishing can be successful during this period when atmospheric pressure steadily keeps at one level within several days.