How to create Windows Mobile label

How to create Windows Mobile label

The ideology of "label" - the file with the hyperlinks conducting to other objects (files, folders, Internet pages) - was borrowed by the Windows Mobile operating system at "adult" Windows. Unfortunately creation of a label on the mobile device takes much more time, than on the ordinary computer.

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Open the Conductor program on the necessary device.


Choose the folder containing the file to which creation of a label is planned and cause the service menu "long pressing" a file badge. (Long pressing in the Windows Mobile operating system the contact and its keeping in such situation within several seconds is called as a stylus of a badge of the chosen element. This action is analog of the right click of a mouse in "normal" Windows OS.)


Select the Copy item as points which are responsible for creation of labels in the Conductor menu do not exist.


Pass into the folder chosen for creation of a label, and execute "long pressing" a blank space in folder contents for a call of a context menu.


Select the Insert a Label item.


Repeat all above described actions to a step 3 in need of creation of a label for the executed EXE file.


Select the Send and In Start-up as Label point item for initiation of process of creation of a label.


Turn into internal memory of the device (not to confuse to memory of a memory card!) also open the Windows folder.


Pass into the Main Menu folder and find the created label. The name of a label will coincide with a name of the executed file, and Ink will become expansion.


Leave a label in the folder for display in the Start-up menu. Cut out a label and insert into the Programs folder for display in the Start-up — Programs menu.


Perform tuning of the Start-up menu according to the preferences. For this purpose select the Control item and pass into "Menu" in the opened folder.


Apply tags on fields of the most often used applications and remove tags from fields of other programs. It is necessary to remember that the number of the programs which are constantly present at the Start-up menu is limited to seven elements.


Confirm the choice with a stylus click on OK.