How to pickle a shish kebab in kefir

How to pickle a shish kebab in kefir
How to pickle a shish kebab in kefir

Such dish as shish kebab, is associated with departures on the nature in a circle of friends, fresh air and pleasant the companies. As a result to receive fine, the gentle shish kebab, meat for it should be prepared in advance. For example, to pickle in kefir.

The preparation time of 28 minutes is required to you a pork neck of 1,5 kg; kefir of 3,2% 500 ml; granulated sugar of 1,5 h. l.; onion of 5-7 pieces; salt; pepper. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Pickle a Shish Kebab in Kefir" How to pickle chicken for a shish kebab How to pickle beef shish kebab How to pickle meat in vinegar


Prepare meat. If you use the frozen pork, previously well defreeze it. Then wash in cold water and dry paper towels. The cooled pork too needs to be washed out properly. Cut meat on large pieces. At will it is possible to make and small - so it will quicker be fried thoroughly, but will be slightly dryish. Large pieces will keep all juice inside. Put pork in a big pan or a bucket.

Clear onions. Take a half and small cut it. It is possible to use the blender or a large grater. Shift onions to pork, add salt and black ground pepper on taste. Carefully mix pan contents. At will it is possible to add any other spices and seasonings.

Start addition of kefir. It is important not to pour in it at once, and to add gradually. Thus constantly mix meat, allowing pork to absorb in themselves fermented milk product. Watch closely kefir level in a pan - it should not fill in meat, that is from above pork should not be a kefir layer. Add about one and a half teaspoons of granulated sugar and mix meat.

Cut the second half of onions with large rings and lay from above the pickled pork. Because from above there is no kefir, onions will not become limp and will not become too soft but only will gain the necessary aroma.

Close a pan with pork in marinade a cover and leave in the room for an hour. After that move away her in the refrigerator for the night (pickling requires about ten hours). If you were not engaged in a shish kebab on the eve of a trip, and began pickling in the same day, do not move away him in the refrigerator, and simply let's be drawn at the room temperature three - four hours.

Before frying get meat on a skewer, alternating it to the large rings of onions added at the end. It is possible to use and a lattice, thus put rings of onions on pork and between its pieces.