How to prepare for delivery of GIA

How to prepare for delivery of GIA

Now total certification is passed not only after the ambassador of the eleventh class, but also after the ninth. And, in case of an unsatisfactory assessment at once in two subjects the pupil remains on repeated training at school. Therefore it is very important to be prepared for GIA well.

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To feel surely at examination, it is necessary to sort repeatedly tasks according to training tests. You will be able to make it since in all educational institutions work on preparation for GIA is planned.


At the request of parents by administration of school carrying out trial GIA in TsRO can be ordered. Works are checked by independent experts that guarantees objectivity of an assessment. Such type of preparation will allow to estimate the level of readiness for certification, and also to see to what repetition of sections it is necessary to pay special attention.


Surely use that demonstration materials can be found and considered on the Internet. Having got acquainted with tasks of last years, you will be able to cope with what will be presented at examination since the essence of tasks remains former.


It is necessary to learn correctly and quickly to fill in the registration sheet and forms for answers.


If you have to pass examination in Russian, know that it consists of three parts. You will have to be prepared for writing of the squeezed statement. And, it will be necessary to apply two or three types of compression, for example, generalization or an exception. For it points are exposed.


The text for a statement since 2011 is written down on a disk. It is included twice. Every time on listening is given about five minutes. During this time it is necessary to try to write down the plan on a draft copy or to collect tezisny material.


Then you work with the package of measuring materials. In it there will be a text. You have to examine it and perform test tasks.


Block A tasks (their five) assume work on contents of the text. You will have to choose one correct option from four possible.


Tasks of the block B check possession of the theory of Russian. You have to learn to find, for example, in the text of the word from the alternating unaccented vowel in a root or with a prefix which writing depends on softness dullness of the subsequent concordant. It will be necessary to formulate the correct answer independently. The options presented for your choice will not be.


The final third part assumes ability to make the coherent text reasoning with arguments of the text read before. Keep in mind that you have a possibility of a choice: to write the composition on a linguistic subject or according to the contents, trying to answer a problematic issue.


Do not forget that also important to be prepared psychologically for examination.