About what will tell a bar code

About what will tell a bar code

Consecutive black and white strips of a bar code on packing of goods are well familiar to buyers. But not all know, what information under it is hidden about what can tell a bar code.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "About What Will Tell a Bar Code" How to learn goods on a bar code How to distinguish a fake on a bar code How to determine by a bar code the manufacturing country by the Most widespread bar code is considered a 13-digit European code (European Article Numbering EAN-13). In the USA and Canada apply the 12-digit UPC code.

The first three signs in digital value of a bar code are a code of regional representation of association (perfiks the national organization) in which the producer of production is registered. The majority of the enterprises prefer to be registered in representation of associations of the countries, but the association does not impose a ban on registration of the enterprise in other country therefore it is impossible to determine the country of origin of goods by the first three figures.

The codes beginning with the two (prefixes from 200 to 299), are reserved separately. These codes are used by the enterprises for own purposes, usually for retail trade and designate the price, weight and other parameters. Their use outside the enterprise is forbidden, they are not registered anywhere and are not regulated by the third-party organizations.

The following 4-6 figures are a code of the producer (registration number of the producer of goods). To each regional prefix it is allocated for registration from ten thousand enterprises to one million. Length of this field depends on regulations of regional representation. At the bigger size of a field it is possible to register more enterprises, but then it is allowed to each enterprise to register smaller quantity of goods (the following figures). Thus, if a code of the enterprise are 6 figures, then opportunity for registration of 1000 commodity units is allocated to each enterprise.

The code of the goods makes the following of 3-5 figures. Length of this segment depends on what was chosen length of a code of the enterprise by the registrar as basic. Thus the digital product code does not bear any semantic factor. The association recommends consecutive assignment of codes to goods, in process of release of new types of production without insertion in this code of any certain semantic loading. It is only serial number of commodity unit which the terminal computer in shop elementary takes from own computer base where the name and the price of goods is stored.

The last figure is control number and is used for check of correctness of reading of strokes by the scanner. The figures which are on even places are put and multiplied on 3. Further put the figures standing on odd places. Then summarize results and leave only a figure which is on the last place at a total amount. Then this figure is subtracted from 10. The received difference is also control number which has to coincide with that is specified by the last in a bar code.