What means if the bakery dreamed?

What means if the bakery dreamed?
The bakery is a place known to all people for baking of bread, bakery and confectionery.

And what the dream in which you dream a bakery means?

Bakery in a dream - a danger sign. If you dreamed about a bakery - wait for changes in your career. But the dream warns you to be more careful and selective in the arrived offers as the dirty trick, a trap or even the trap which is thought over by enemies can be behind each of them.

After a dream about a bakery if this dream coincided with changes on service - better to refuse adoption of the important decision so far and to try is thin to leave from talk with fellow workers and with the administration.

If the bakery was dreamed by the woman - the dream also forces it to make thrifty use more of the changes happening in life, new people and acquaintances. After all the bakery in a dream can mean "fried" reputation for the woman.

After a dream about a bakery the woman has to be more careful in the actions to avoid expecting it after such dream about a bakery condemnation.

The dream about a bakery is an important sign and warns sleeping about danger from people and and evil intrigues of envious persons, ill-wishers and secret rivals.

On service and in private life the bakery dreamed foretells a dirty trick