How to look at a socket

How to look at a socket

If you reflected on purchase of the new processor for your computer, you should know, what version of a socket equipped your motherboard. Depends on it, what "stone" you will be able to establish on the motherboard. If in computer salon you ask the seller to pick up to you the processor, he will surely ask the version of a socket proceeding from which will make to you recommendations about acquisition of new "stone".

It is required to you

- Computer;
- CPUID CPU-Z program;
- TuneUp Utilities program.

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If you have technical documentation to your computer, it is possible to learn the version of a socket in a special manual (management) to your motherboard. The version of a socket has to be obligatory there.

If you know the name of model of your motherboard, it is possible to look at the version of a socket on the Internet. For this purpose visit the website of the producer of the motherboard, choose your model and see full information. The version of a socket in the description of a payment it will be obligatory.

It is also possible to use special programs. Download CPUID CPU-Z aaplet from the Internet. It is completely free. Establish it on the computer. Start CPUID CPU-Z. Wait some seconds. After collecting data on your processor you will get to the menu of the program on the CPU tab. Find in an application window the line Package further. In value of this line also there will be information on a socket of your motherboard.

One more program by means of which it is possible to see the version of a socket, is called as TuneUp Utilities. Download it from the Internet and establish on the hard drive of the computer. Start the program. After the first start she will carry out full scanning of your computer. After its end it will be offered to you to correct the found errors and to fix problems. If you wishIf you wish, can agree, a lot of time will not occupy it.

After correction of mistakes (or refusal of it) you will get to the main menu. In the main menu choose the Correction of Problems tab, then - the option "Show System Information". Pass in the System Devices tab.

There will be a window in which there will be two sections. The lower line in the top section is called as Socket. Value of this line is also the version of a socket of your processor. If it is necessary, you can look at additional information on the processor. For this purpose simply press on the option "Processor Details" which is from below windows.