How to decorate aspic

How to decorate aspic

As the holiday table is full of various dishes! And the special place on this table is taken by aspic. Even the simplest aspic at the expense of the unusual form looks a true work of art. And if it is correct to decorate it, it is possible to turn into the real culinary masterpiece.

It is required to you

• Aspic fish, meat, chicken, from seafood or any other
• Eggs chicken or quail
• Carrots
• Green peas or corn
• Olives
• Capers
• Fresh cucumber, tomato, paprika
• Greens fresh
• Marinated mushrooms
• Marinated gherkins
• Various formochka for aspic

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Being going to make aspic, in advance decide on its future form and way of giving. Carefully thought over way of giving of aspic will be guarantee of your success as skillful hostess. You can make a jellied dish in one big form, and also can use original portion formochka.


If you cook aspic from chicken meat, try to give it in an egg shell. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare necessary quantity egg skorlupok, opened by the way specified in drawing. The shell has to be washed up and dried up.


Establish skorlupk in cells for eggs by openings up. Mix the chicken meat and carrots cut in small cubes with a small amount of green peas and the cut parsley. It is possible as option of ornament to use the red paprika cut in cubes and grains of corn from banks. Accurately lay out a tea spoon this mix in egg skorlupk. Fill them no more than on 3/4objema.


From above fill in jelly and put cells in the refrigerator. When aspic well stiffens, remove from it a shell and lay out "jellied eggs" on the general dish on leaves of a green salad.


The aspic prepared in a loaf pan turns out very original. If your aspic is from fish or seafood, the lemon, capers, a marinated or fresh cucumber, the carrot cut figurno, fennel and parsley are recommended as jewelry.


For this purpose on a bottom of a loaf pan accurately lay out thin slices of a lemon which it is possible to husk partially a figured knife. Alternate lemon slices to capers or circles of olives without stones, leaflets of parsley or branches of fennel. Then pour out on a bottom of a form of a few jelly and put in the refrigerator for hardening.


Get a form from the refrigerator, put in it slices of fish or seafood. For additional ornament try to spread out leaves of parsley and figurno the cut carrots along walls of a form. Fill in all with the remained jelly. Do it carefully not to damage the pattern which is laid out along form walls.


For additional decoration of the aspic prepared in a loaf pan in an opening on the center it is possible to fill in white tartare sauce with gelatin addition, to strew it with ground pistachios and to decorate with a greens branch. Such aspic elegantly and originally looks.


Beautifully the aspic prepared in portion formochka of various configuration looks. Besides, it is also very practical. Guests do not need to reach for one big dish with aspic and to cut off to itself from it a slice. It is much more convenient to take itself on a plate already created figured slice of aspic. Such portion aspic can be made multilayered that in itself will be the real ornament.


For the top layer of chicken aspic in the form of hearts it is possible to use a few jelly with addition in it 25-35% of cream. Fill in a layer with cream on a bottom of a formochka and let's it stiffen. Then lay out slices of chicken and fill in with the remained jelly. When aspic is ready, lower bottoms of forms for 2 - 3 seconds in hot water and turn on a dish in which will serve aspic. From above decorate with a slice of tomato and a gherkin.


If your aspic is prepared in one big form, most likely, you will not shift it upside down. In that case, you need to decorate aspic as follows. Lay out slices or slices of meat, fish, language or other products on a bottom and fill in jelly mostly, having left a little for jewelry. Let's stiffen a little to aspic in the refrigerator. Further spread out on all surface slices of eggs, carrots, gherkins, olives or greens leaflets as the imagination prompts to you. Carefully fill in jewelry with the remains of jelly and put aspic in the refrigerator.