How to wash to cats ears

How to wash to cats ears

Ears I demand special attention from cats even if the animal is healthy. Regular leaving helps to prevent or notice development of various diseases at an early stage. It is necessary to wash to cats ears once a week.

It is required to you

- veterinary means for cleaning of ears of animals
- wadded disks or tampons (it is possible to use also gauze napkins)
- Q-tips.

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Dispose a cat at yourself on a lap or on any a surface, convenient for you, a back to yourself. Lighting has to be rather bright (carry out procedure in the afternoon before a window or include a desk lamp). A hand record an animal. Slightly unbend an ear back so that it was visible to you acoustical pass. Attentively examine an auricle regarding pollution, reddenings, hypostases and pay attention, whether there is no unpleasant smell.

At some cat breeds undesirable hairs grow in an auricle. They reduce access of air to ear channels, can promote development of pathogenic bacteria and simply irritate an ear of an animal, causing unpleasant feelings. These hairs need to be deleted. For this purpose process big and index fingers talc and accurately take away excess hairs, releasing acoustical pass. It is possible to make it and by means of tweezers. Or you can cut them with the special electric trimmer.

Slightly moisten a wadded tampon with means for cleaning of ears and accurately wipe an auricle. A little means (the necessary quantity of drops is specified in the instruction on application) dig in acoustical pass, having entered a bottle tip on only some millimeters inside. Massage an ear at the basis about half-minute. For some minutes release a cat that she could stir up the head.

Now again record a cat. Open an ear. A dry wadded tampon clean all allocated pollution from an ear surface. A Q-tip clean acoustical pass. Change sticks until they do not cease to be soiled with sulfuric masses. Keep in mind that a Q-tip it is possible to clean only visible part of an ear, differently it is possible to deprive a cat of hearing or to advance sulfuric masses far inside. Similarly clean the second ear. Also do not forget to praise and treat with something tasty a cat upon termination of procedure, so unpleasant for it.