How to open a bottle

How to open a bottle

If you bought vintage perfume with the ground-in stopper, you need to open accurately a bottle, without having damaged it and without having spoiled contents. It is not less difficult to turn off densely screwed up cover or to remove tight aluminum packing from a neck of a pharmaceutical bubble. However at certain skills and accuracy you will cope with any bottle. The main thing – not to hurry.

It is required to you

- rubber gloves;
- rubber or leather lace;
- severe thread;
- hot water;
- sharp scissors;
- flat-nose pliers.

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It is most difficult to open a fragile bottle with spirits. Vintage perfume is often supplied with the ground-in stopper which so strong "sticks" to a neck what it is impossible to uncork it in the usual way. Do not try to use force - the delicate bubble will simply burst in your hands.

Place a bottle in the freezer, having wrapped up it fabric, and a neck with a stopper having leaned against a wall for the maximum cooling. In 10-15 minutes draw spirits from the refrigerator. Put on rubber nonskid gloves and try to open a bottle. Most likely, the stopper will give in.

It is possible to try also other way. Between a stopper and a neck of a bottle reel up a thin, but strong rubber or leather lace. Water a winding place with warm water. If the stopper did not start, continue to reel up a cord. It will work as the soft lever and will gradually shift densely sitting cover.

If the cord near at hand was not, take a severe thread. Put from it a loop, put on a neck of a bubble and quickly move forward and back, warming a place of a joint of a stopper and a bottle. It is possible to knock accurately with a pencil on a neck is will help to take out a stopper quicker.

Sometimes mechanical ways of influence do not help. Try other options. Lower a whimsical bottle a neck in the capacity filled with vodka or alcohol down. In some hours try to open a stopper.

Densely twirled plastic or metal covers with a carving open differently. Water a bubble neck with hot water. If after that the cover does not move a little, wind it with a napkin, accurately grasp flat-nose pliers and turn. It is so possible to open bottles with nail varnish or pharmaceutical mixtures.

Not less difficult case – an otkuporka of the bottle closed by a tight cover from aluminum foil. Usually it is pressed very densely out on a bubble neck. To get access to its contents and not to wound fingers, carefully make an incision aluminum from above, from a soft rubber stopper. Conduct an edge of scissors to edge. Having completely cut a metal cover on the one hand, carefully remove it from a bottle. To save hands from possible injuries, it is better to make this procedure in rubber gloves.