How to learn, how many the traffic remained

How to learn, how many the traffic remained

Likely each Internet user knows that there are tariffs at connection to a global web. There are tariffs unlimited and limit. Limit tariffs are characterized at the concrete cost over 1 Mb entering traffic. And unlimited tariffs share on conditionally and absolutely unlimited. Conditionally unlimited include a certain quantity of a free Internet traffic (for example, 30 Gb a month). Not to be trapped, it is necessary to trace these values.

It is required to you

- the software which serves as the instrument of tracking of the entering and proceeding traffic

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Any Internet service provider provides information on number of the spent megabytes current month. But one providers placed this service in a private office of the user, and others did not make it. Thus, the last should call constantly in service of technical support and, to put it mildly, to bother concerning the spent traffic.

In order that the user could trace it a lot of software is independent, thought up. One of such programs is NetWorx. Convenient in every respect, it allows to display full statistics for any time interval: day, week, month, year.


Install the NetWorx program. Installation of this utility takes place as well as installation of other program. In each window press the Next button. In the course of installation the program will prompt the main actions for its start. After installation it is necessary to add a statistics window to the panel of tasks: press the right button on an empty seat of the panel of tasks, choose "Toolbar" - NetWorx Desk Band. After these manipulations the panel will be displayed near a tray.


Besides the statistics panel, near hours there will be a program icon. Press the right button of a mouse on it, select the Statistics item. The main window of the program will open. Depending on the necessary period of tracking of a traffic pass to the Day Report, Week Report or Monthly Report tab.
If your tariff plan set restriction in 50 Gb, from time to time look in the Monthly Report tab. At approach of values to 50 Gb it is necessary to reduce number of the downloaded information.