How to see itself old

How to see itself old

It would be curious to much of us to see himself old, to see itself in the future in many years. In order that everyone was able to afford to see himself in old age, the unique and amusing program was developed.

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For what many people would like to see themselves old? First, out of curiosity and interest. After all you can see the young man or the girl what he or she will be in many years. Secondly, for an entertainment: after all you have a possibility of preservation of a photo at yourself on the computer, and also it is possible to print out the photo and to show to friends.


To see itself in old age, you can use services of the site http://starostis / in which processing of a photo happens in online the mode. It will not be required to you any special skills for work with this program. It is necessary to load simply the photo a fullface and a couple of minutes to wait until the photo is processed.


You can keep the image which turned out as a result for memory and show to the friends. By the way, the photo in old age turns out very plausible. Also this service will be to the taste to fans of draws. After all it is possible to play a trick on the friend, having processed his photo in this program. And, of course, it is good if your friend has a sense of humour to laugh together with you with all the heart.