How to select mountain skiing

How to select mountain skiing

Mountain skiing every year all become more popular. The beginner who decided to be engaged in this beautiful view of sport, at first uses the skis hired. Employees of hire select for you equipment, proceeding from your experience, weight and growth. Use of leased equipment gives the chance to decide on the producer of equipment and style of driving. But here, at last, there comes happy day when you decided to buy the first own set of skis how to pick up mountain skiing most?

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Size. As all of you equally still remain the beginner though advanced, buy skis for driving on the equipped routes, their length has to be 5-10 centimeters lower than your growth. If you liked any certain model, the producer specifies a scale of their lengths. Be based that the shortest are intended for the person weighing 50 kg, and the longest – for this purpose who weighs under 100 kilograms. Proceeding from it, pick up also ski length. Consider only that if you are higher than average height, take a ski more long if below – that is shorter.


Sidecut radius. Different driving – freestyle, freeride or initial, "plow", demand also the different width of skis. Radius of their sidecut will prompt where they will be more pertinent. If at skis the big radius of a sidecut, they are stabler on turns with big arches, with a small radius – on the frequent interfaced turns.


Softness. Longitudinal softness or flexibility of a ski too matters – soft skis are more obedient therefore and recommend to their beginners. To learn, what softness at this couple of skis, connect them the sliding surfaces and squeeze in the middle, than less efforts should be used for this purpose, that skis are softer. At sharp squeezing of a ski have to publish deaf cotton is one of ways to check at the same time and their quality.


Width of skis. The skis are wider, the they are intended for more friable snow. If you want to maneuver on routes, choose carving or slalom skis, at which big cut and low bent sock. For those who loves driving on a virgin soil, or "pukhlyak", needs skis with highly bent sock and almost without "waist".


Edgings. Check that they were built smoothly in in a steklopoastikovy surface of skis, put them on an equal surface, the ski thus has to stand exactly, without rocking from the edging on the edging.